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Benefits of Saltwater Pool Systems

Benefits of Saltwater Pool Systems: Live Healthier & Happier

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When remodeling your pool, one of the most important decisions and investments that you can make is choosing the ideal pool system. Today, we’ll explain to you how a saltwater pool system works, and above all, what the benefits of saltwater pool systems are.

The purpose of any pool water treatment system is to keep pool water clean, clear and safe. But, not all systems provide the same features, maintenance, price, health benefits and water quality.

With so many water treatment options available (chlorine, salt water, UV, ozone and hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation), it’s important to do your research and find a pool system that best fits your household’s needs.

So, let’s dive into the details of our topic.

How a Saltwater Pool System Works?

First of all, the most critical device of this system is the chlorine generator, which is commonly known as “salt cell” or “salt chlorinator.”

Through a process called saltwater chlorination, our swimming pools are always clean and sanitized.

The salt cell applies a direct electric current to create a chemical reaction on the dissolved salt. This breaks down the salt and water into hypochlorous acid (HClO) and sodium hypochlorite (NaClO).

These two agents are the ones used for sanitizing all swimming pools. So, this clarifies the myth:

“Saltwater Pools are Chlorine-free.”

That’s right. This is a complete myth. Saltwater pools aren’t chlorine-free. Instead of adding chlorine to the pool, a saltwater pool system produces chlorine from the salt added to the pool through the process of electrolysis.

Now that we have a better understanding of how a saltwater pool system works, we’ll focus on the benefits of saltwater pool systems.

Quick List of the Benefits of Saltwater Pool Systems:

  1. Lower Annual Maintenance Cost
  2. Saltwater Pools Offer Crystalline and Smooth Water
  3. It Will Be Gentle to Your Eyes
  4. Saltwater Pools Exfoliate, Cleanse & Moisturize Your Skin
  5. Saltwater Pools are (Almost) Maintenance-Free
  6. You’ll Get High-Quality Chlorine
  7. It’s Safer to Store Salt Bags than Chlorine Bags

7 Remarkable Benefits of Saltwater Pool Systems        

Man Pouring Salt Bag into His Home Pool

That’s right. There are many benefits of this type of water chlorination. Make sure to continue reading so that you learn more about this water treatment option.

When it comes to the benefits of saltwater pool systems, generally speaking, we can say that this chlorination method is gentler with your skin and eyes, and it can reduce the level of stress of users.

Saltwater pools are a better alternative compared to the average chlorine swimming pools. Keep reading, and you’ll realize we aren’t lying or just trying to promote the saltwater chlorination system.

Indeed, the remarkable benefits of saltwater pool systems are driving its popularity.

1. Lower Annual Maintenance Cost

Owners of saltwater pools can spend less than $100 a year on salt and other chemicals. On the other hand, chlorine users can spend more than $300 per year on chemicals.

Another benefit of saltwater pools is convenience. You won’t have to go to the pool store to get big and heavy buckets of chlorine. Instead, you can safely store several 40-pound salt bags in your storage room, without placing your family and pets in danger.

2. Saltwater Pools Offer Crystalline and Smooth Water

Saltwater pools are unique. They can stay crystal clear even when you are negligent with its maintenance.

The saltwater treatment system makes the pool water feel silky smooth, which is a feature many people find desirable. We are pretty sure you’ll enjoy more swimming in a saltwater pool than in a chlorine-treated pool.

3. It Will Be Gentle to Your Eyes

Child Swims Underwater in Saltwater Pool

Just to give you an idea, the salinity level in a salt pool is one-tenth of the level of the ocean salinity level.

You can even swim without goggles, and your eyes won’t be hurt. So, feel free to open your eyes while diving into these crystal-clear pools.

4. Saltwater Pools Exfoliate, Cleanse & Moisturize Your Skin

Some people have skins that are sensitive to chlorine. Chlorine can irritate the skin, especially if you were swimming for a long time.

So, the benefits of saltwater pool systems are that they help to exfoliate, cleanse, rejuvenate, and moisturize your skin. Plus, a saltwater pool causes zero skin irritation problems.

This is why saltwater pools are rising in popularity in the U.S.

While chlorine can cause skin redness, breakouts, and allergic reactions in some people, saltwater is a natural treatment and cleanser for the skin.

The salt in the water is a natural exfoliator, which rids the skin of dead cells and impurities that can lead to clogged pores. So, saltwater pools are an excellent choice for acne-prone skins.

Saltwater is also a skin moisturizer and makes the skin soft and smooth.

So, instead of getting your skin dry in a chlorine-based pool, you can improve the moisture retention of your skin with a saltwater pool.

5. Saltwater Pools are (Almost) Maintenance-Free

That’s right. Saltwater pools are very easy to maintain. And when compared to traditionally chlorinated swimming pools, saltwater pools require less care.

The salt cell or salt chlorinator cell produces the ideal amount of chlorine. Of course, you’ll still need to check the chlorine levels weekly to ensure everything is working okay.

6. You’ll Get High-Quality Chlorine

Man Checking the PH of His Swimming Pool

One of the most prominent advantages of saltwater pool systems is the production of a purer and healthier form of chlorine.

Well, let’s break this down into details.

Through the process of electrolysis, a saltwater system produces less harsh chlorine than the traditional method.

This chlorine form doesn’t smell like bleach, doesn’t irritate the skin and eyes, and doesn’t destroy swimming suits.

So, in general, we can say that a salt-chlorine generator produces a softer feel of the water. Besides, a saltwater generator will keep your swimming pool clean for a longer time.

One of the top benefits of saltwater pool systems is continuous disinfection. This chlorination system offers a steady and constant supply of chlorine. Thus, pool owners can have peace of mind since this system will kill germs and neutralize contaminants in the water.

With saltwater pools, you won’t have to worry about cleaning and maintenance that much. The only thing you’ll need to do is to swim into happiness and enjoy unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

All these advantages of saltwater systems are what is driving their popularity. You may be surprised to find out that this method to sanitize pools still offers many other perks.

7. It’s Safer to Store Salt Bags than Chlorine Bags

Salt is safer than liquid or solid chlorine. The thing is that chlorine can be dangerous to store and transport.

Having a saltwater pool is also convenient since you don’t have to buy and store buckets of chlorine.

Thus, owning an inground saltwater pool means that you don’t have to get exposed to this potent chemical (chlorine) and other unsafe substances.

Some studies have shown that regular exposure to heavily chlorinated swimming pools can mean long-term health risks. On the contrary, this won’t happen with a saltwater system for pools even though it produces similar disinfecting chemicals.

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