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Pool Company in Riverside CA: Get Our Unique & Sparkling Pools

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pool company in Riverside CA

Get endless hours of fun, love, enjoyment & relaxation with your loved ones by building your swimming pool. We have 18 years of experience as a pool builder in Riverside CA. We follow the best building processes, techniques, and use the highest quality materials to always deliver the finest swimming pool. One that will bring more enjoyment to your loved ones. Call JB Pool Plastering Corp., a trusted & innovative pool company in Riverside CA, to build your refreshing pool.

We are committed to making the most out of the money you trust in our hands. That’s why we always do an exceptional job by creating safe, clean, functional, and customized pool environments.

Our expert team of swimming pool designers will listen to your ideas, turning those ideas into a sensational yet affordable pool.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get your dream pool—full of incredible features—with JB Pool Plastering Corp.

We invite you to take a look at our pool photo gallery so that you can see how your future pool will look. You’ll realize that our pool construction services will make your dreams a reality.

Our pool builders will make sure you have a perfect pool for recreation, relaxation, fitness, and entertainment.

Besides, we do exceptional poolscape design. With this, we guarantee to build pools that add to the aesthetics of your yard, creating remarkably beautiful environments.

Jump into Happiness & Freshness!

What Our Pool Remodeling in Riverside CA Can Achieve for You?

Starting from bottom to top, we make sure to remodel your pool to make it safer, fancier, and more functional while staying within budget.

Get the Finest Pool Plastering in Riverside CA!

As an outstanding pool company in Riverside CA, we offer the finest pool plastering in Riverside CA. We’ll provide you with a smooth, radiant, and long-lasting pool plaster finish. This pool floor finishing will make your pool surface anti-slippery. Thus, this ensures your family is safe whenever they decide to have a great time swimming.

All of our in-ground swimming pools are built with high-end and money-saving technology. For instance, we install a control panel to automatize tasks like sanitization, pH balancing, filtration, and cleaning—saving you lots of money and time in the process.

We also make sure to install automatic water fillers, dual speed pool pumps, and an overflow evacuation system to keep the pool water at its optimal level at all times.

Our Beautiful Pools Have Budget-Friendly Prices

Beautiful Cascade Swimming Pool in Home Backyard

We have strengthened our reputation as a leading pool company in Riverside CA by creating the most beautiful and fanciest pools.

Our talented team will always create spectacular and gorgeous swimming pools at affordable prices.

Our hardworking and creative pool builders are always up to date with the latest style trends. And they are always full of beautiful ideas. Thus, when our clients hire us to build in ground pools in Riverside CA, they know they can only expect superb results.

We do our best to include most of our clients’ ideas so that every pool is tailored to each client’s aesthetic preferences at an affordable price.

Since 2002, JB Pool Plastering Corp. has provided superb craftsmanship, making many clients’ dreams a reality!

All the designs include coping, tile water line, concrete deck, LED color lights, and if you want to change these specifications, we can do it for you. We’re also experts in building pool features like underwater seating benches, tanning shelves, small pool houses, majestic waterfalls, and even fire pits.

Our Riverside pool builders are exceptional at creating unique pool designs. Thus, they will build for you the most beautiful pool.

For instance, our swimming pool designers offer shallow beach-style pool entries, different shapes, and we complement this with a fair-priced pool design.

Pool Remodeling in Riverside CA: We Offer Many Shapes & Designs

Our team will delight you with many pool shapes and designs. These include but are not limited to:

  • Oval or Round Pools
  • Kidney-Shaped Swimming Pools
  • Figure Eight Pools
  • Custom-Shaped Swimming Pools
  • L-Shaped Pools
  • Grecian And Roman Swimming Pools
  • Rectangular Pools

We Build Gorgeous Pools Only

Get Our Free-Maintenance Pool Renovations! 

Beautiful and Easy to Maintain Swimming Pool

Do free-maintenance pools exist? Well, they do exist. We can build them for you.

Our pool remodeling services can meet the most demanding efficiency standards. When building pools in Riverside CA, we use the latest technology to provide automation in every pool. This is crucial since we aim to take the heavy maintenance load out of your shoulders.

As we said before, you’ll be able to control all pool maintenance tasks with a smart control panel. The amount of water in your swimming pool, for instance, will always stay at its optimal level thanks to automatic water fillers and an overflow evacuation system.

We make sure to take care of your pool cleaning by installing cartridge filters and an efficient pool cleaner.

To create healthier, cleaner, and more attractive pools, we use the saltwater treatment system.

We choose to use the saltwater system because it offers you a stable, absolutely pure, and efficient non-chlorine sanitization method.

One of the great things about a saltwater system is that it eliminates all the inconveniences that a regular chlorine system creates—higher cost, hassles, and dangers of bottled chlorine.

We’ll make sure your luxury pool is almost maintenance-free, making it a more enjoyable experience for years to come.

By installing the best equipment, we make sure that you save up to 70% on pool energy costs.

We also are the most reliable provider of pool cleaning services in Riverside CA. Call us to schedule your routine cleaning to keep your pool crystal clear.

Why Trusting JB Pool Plastering Corp. with Pool Construction?

There many reasons why JB Pool Plastering Corp. is the most trusted pool company in Riverside CA.

First of all, we offer you more than 18 years of experience, accountability, and affordability.

Second, our highly creative pool designers will drop your jaw with the most sophisticated, feasible, and beautiful pool designs.

Besides that, our team is highly creative and knowledgeable, which allows us to innovate and implement with great precision new pool building methods.

If you want to work with a dependable swimming pool company, you must call JB Pool Plastering Corp.

From us, you’ll get custom, durable, and economical swimming pools in Riverside CA.

Make your backyard your little paradise to enjoy with your family and friends!

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